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Cut the cord with our new partner, Streamwise! Check out the package options below and free your TV with a community partner you trust.


Access to 60+ free HD channels including local and international options in both English and Spanish - all at a fraction of the cost of your current service!


Personalize your streaming experience with over 300+ provider options and a custom selection just for you. Paired with our fiber-fast internet, it's a world of entertainment at your fingertips!


Enjoy the benefits of both options and harness the ultimate custom TV solution!

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Frequently Asked Questions


In partnership with StreamWise Solutions, NextLight customers have access to personalized TV solutions that fit their viewing needs: choose from HD-quality, over-the-air TV via an external antenna, streaming services, or a mix of both! NextLight and StreamWise work directly with customers to discuss their viewing habits and create a personalized solution during a free, no obligation TV consultation call.

To bring TV solutions to Longmont, NextLight has partnered with StreamWise Solutions, experts in home entertainment technologies. They are very different from cable and satellite companies and help people save money on TV.  With their TV offerings and NextLight’s fiber-fast speed and WiFi 6 technology, you have everything you need for whole-home entertainment.

Cutting the cord is the popular practice of canceling traditional cable or satellite TV service, as well as landline phone service.  Customers do this to customize their solutions and often save a lot of money.

Streaming means TV content or programs are delivered via the internet, as opposed to via cable or satellite systems or antenna signals. Streaming TV solutions are numerous today but the more popular platforms are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sling, Hulu, and YouTube TV, some of which offer both on-demand and live TV options.

On average, customers save about $1500 a year on TV. Since each customer is unique and has a solution personalized to fit their needs, NextLight starts with a free, no-obligation StreamWise Solutions phone consultation. In that consultation, everything about your TV experience, the channels you’ll be able to watch, and how much money you can save will be discussed by very knowledgeable representatives in the area of cord cutting.

Most likely, every channel that you currently watch is available as well as others!  During your free, no-obligation consultation, we will discuss all of your TV-viewing needs and create a personalized solution to ensure that we bring you a great experience, but for less money. So the answer is “yes, you’ll still be able to watch the Broncos”!


NextLight partnered with the professionals at StreamWise Solutions to ensure that your evolution to today’s greatest TV experience is easy and seamless as possible! Many people that try cord-cutting themselves end up frustrated, struggling with poor reception, and spending as much or more on TV subscriptions. During your free consultation call – we will discuss channels, TV inputs, remotes, training and more. Customers that have already made the switch to StreamWise Solutions are very happy!

Customers can set up a free phone consultation by clicking here or they can call NextLight at 303-774-4494.


A StreamWise Solutions professional will determine what TV equipment is needed during the free, phone consultation.  The best part is you own your equipment, no more leasing set-top boxes.

NextLight and Streamwise Solutions offer specific equipment but are happy to discuss what you currently have and if it’s something that can be used.

StreamWise Solutions has done extensive research and testing and selected the best equipment for cost, reliability, compatibility and ease of use.

NextLight’s one gig fiber internet and whole-home WiFi 6 is ideal for streaming TV and supporting numerous smart home devices.  NextLight also offers a 100M symmetrical speed that works very well for smaller households.  And, the best news of all, unlike other providers, NextLight does NOT have a data cap restricting your usage or causing you unexpected fees.


NextLight and StreamWise Solutions fully support the TV solution installed and includes three additional resources for support:

  1. Online Knowledge Base & Help Center
  2. Training Video Series on YouTube
  3. Email & Phone Support

(Should any additional on-site service be required, Longmont customers are offered discounted rates for service.)


Yes and yes! Many seniors want to save money without sacrificing their TV viewing needs. We find most seniors’ TV needs can be met with channels available over-the-air via a properly configured outdoor HD antenna.  The FCC regulates that over-the-air channels are broadcast for free and in most Longmont areas this means 50+ news, sports and shows are free forever.  We also provide ongoing support packages to put your mind at ease.

StreamWise Solutions has done extensive research and testing and selected the best equipment for cost, reliability, compatibility and ease of use.

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