Unrivaled Managed WiFi for Unprecedented Small Business Growth.

Reduce the Dilemmas of Your Small Business

As a business owner, freedom is as valuable as growth. The investment you make in customer satisfaction goes straight to your bottom line. Which is why you deserve a managed WiFi service that frees you to focus on business instead of IT. With SmartBiz, you can hit the easy button, enabling your business and customer to come first.

Dedicated Networks

Out-of-the-box owner, staff, point-of-sale, and customer networks that run on both wired and wireless LAN.

Network Security

Advanced business grade security to protect your staff, critical business infrastructure, and customers from cyberattacks and viruses.

WiFi Email Capture

Gather valuable customer data and effortlessly expand your subscriber base for marketing outreach.

Equipment & Tech Support

Includes a commercial grade router, professional installation customized for your needs, and unlimited tech support.

With SmartBiz, You Have the Power to Create and Control Four Distinct Networks:

Primary Network

Securely support your critical small business functions such as accounting with network resilience to ensure business continuity. Keep your employees productive and focused on the task at hand with tailored content restrictions.

Deliver amazing bandwidth for your employee activity, including office and productivity applications, without impacting primary network functions. Even better, you can easily update access settings to keep pace with staffing changes.

Set up a separate network for mobile payment and self-serve store check out with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.

Offer guests WiFi services complete with personalized business-set terms and hours. Utilize captive portals to transparently collect valuable customer data for marketing.

An All-In-One Managed WiFi Solution Built for Small Business. Smart.

Flexible Network Inside And Out

Our integrated solution makes connecting both wired and wireless systems seamless—giving you comfort that all your business and patron devices are connected.

Supports Network Resiliency

SmartBiz supports options for redundant carrier cellular backup. Setup added connectivity and uptime. Keep your business running and your customers happy.

Business Grade Cyber Security

From POS to staff and customer guest networks, built-in firewalls and proactive network security traffic monitoring protect you from cyber threats.

Engage Your Customers

Guest WiFi delivers valuable insights so you can promote your business through a beautiful, branded and seamless interface.

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