Returning Your ONT

We're sad you're leaving, but you will need to return your ONT device.

If you’ve ended your home’s NextLight service for any reason, you’ll need to return our ONT to us. The ONT is the black “fiber modem” we provided when we first connected you.

716 ONT
801 ONT
844 ONT

Items that will be left behind:

Please note – you are ONLY pulling the yellow-and-green fiber cable out of the ONT and leaving it loosely wrapped around the wall-plate which must remain secured to the wall.

Yellow-and-green fiber cable
White Wall Plate

Find the yellow-and-green fiber cable attached to your ONT – pinch the sides of the plug head and pull to remove it.

  • Do not tug on the cord to unplug from the wall-plate the ONT as this may damage the equipment. There may be a small amount of resistance as you remove the plug from the ONT.
  • Make sure to leave the other end plugged into the wall-plate
  • Gently wrap the cord around the wall-plate as many times as you can.
  • In addition, if you have Digital Voice phone service, you will also need to return your battery backup power supply.

Fees for non-returned ONTs

Residential customers who do not return their ONT after ending service will typically be charged between $110 and $300, depending on the unit, along with additional charges for any battery backups, cords, or other auxiliary equipment. These charges are based on replacement costs and will be updated periodically.

Call today!

Give us a call and we’ll help arrange the cancellation of your service or assist with any difficulties removing or returning the ONT.